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Building custom roll cageSo, I'm updating the site after some healing and doing some nice work with my R5. This time this is some bodywork and a roll cage. In next articles I'm planing to tell you how to fit in Renault's 1,8L 16v engine from R19, built a custom fuel tank, cooling system and other stuff.

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Serz with broken arm but still optimist!The very last day of Y2006 I had an accident, in which one of my cars that I was driving, hit another one - Renault Safrane. I broke my arm, my right arm, so for long 5 weeks i will not be able driving or doing something more than typing with my left one... Still I'll be updating my site and I'm looking forward for your comments! C'mon people, I know you are visiting and reading - start talking! Please encourage me!

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wrxspoiler.jpgAs we all know, usually sportscar needs extra aerodynamic parts to keep you on the ground, better grip etc. One of my dear friends, that saw my R5 project, gave me this original Subaru WRX spoiler as a gift, just asking to put it on my Renault. It is lightweight, but can handle up to 250 horsepowers of Subaru Impreza - so it could be too good for my GTE - dont you think so?

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thumb_renault5alpine.jpgHere is some info  found on Renault 5 Alpine and Alpine Turbo model - it was originally in french, so the free translation maybe won't be very exact. Still in my personal opinion, A5 was and still is nice choise for collectors and those who likes driving interesting cars (not an Audi 100-style one's) :D
Over 4 billion first generation Renault 5 was produced, and only 24 000 of Alpine Turbo and 56 000 of simple Alpine naturally-aspirated models. They had 110 and 93 HP, and weight was only 850 and 870 kg respectively. And now, after more than 20 years, the weight would be 50 kg less because of rust :)

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r5-gte-gt-turbo.jpgLets talk about perfomance.. i own a super5 C1G which i'm tunning it now & recreating every thing in the car.. i recommend those who wanna listen to the harmony of the shifts, the bomb of the back fire & glow wiz spark from the exhaust

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