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Renault 5 models TL - TC - GL - TD
Better equipped model than L and C and available in 5 doors

Date of launching: 1985
A date of the end(purpose): 1987
Body: 3 and 5 doors


Engines: TC 956 CM3 - 42 hp / TL and GL 1108cm3 - 47 hp / TD 1595cm3 diesel - 55 hp
Bumpers, sides. For TD: radiator grille with entrance for additional air. Foliated windshield glued to the body. Water temperature and quantity gauges.

Adjustable seats. Glove compartment in drivers's door. Cigar lighter in the ashtray. Watch. Mini-console, places for 2 loudspeakers with wiring.
For TC, GL, TD: Functionality 1/3-2/3 of the back seat. For Gl: BV5. Window panes and tinted windshields. Metallic painting (or black) varnished. Car radio Renault.


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Renault5-Super5 should be...

All original

GTT, GTE style

Tuned (styled)

Pimped (extrem)

Posted by R5 GTE
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